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Citrus designs high quality websites for Canadian businesses.

Our team will help your business find its place in the digital world.

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Make your website stand out!

At Citrus Web Development (CWD), we showcase the best your business has to offer. We design your website with your business stories and goals in mind by getting to know you and what you aim to achieve with your website. Your website will be unique because Citrus develops it from scratch and your ideas are at the forefront.

Citrus specialization in front-end web development, we can help design a modern and responsive website for entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, restaurants, businesses and just about everyone! As business owners, we understand the importance of having an attractive online presence. Thats why we can provide you with all the tools you need to attract customers to your business.

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The perfect package for businesses of any size such as restaurants, start-ups, and large firms.

Website for...


The perfect package for someone looking to create a personal blog or for a personal website to showcase your skills and talents.

Website for...


The perfect package for someone that wants to create a web base applications.


Words from our customers

Customers come first!

At Citrus we value and care about our customers. We will do everything in our power to make your visions come true. If you are not satisfied with the website we designed for you, we will return your money. It is risk-free!

Citrus Web Development helped me design a website for my small online business, where I show off some of my artworks. I had a wonderful experience with them, they guide me through each and every step. Thanks a lot!


I wanted a personal website to help me get noticed in the tough job market. Citrus helped set the website up and hosted it for me. I did not have to lift finger. I would recommend them for sure.


I am an accountant, I deal with spreadsheets A LOT. I wanted to automate some of my data entry tasks and Citrus was there to help, so I can spend more time focusing on other aspect of my work.


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What would you like to know?

How much does it cost? It usually depends on the complexity of the website, we can provide a free quote.

What if I do not like the website? We will try our best to design something you like, but if it does not work out, we will not charge anything.

How long does it take to finish? It depends on the complexity, but no longer than a month.

Who will be creating it? We have a team of expert web developers with extensive experience.

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We look forward to speaking with you and working together to create a fantastic website that will make your business stand out!

About Us

Our goals and aspirations

Lately, we noticed that business websites in Alberta are all WordPress templates, which look the same. There is no creativity or uniqueness anymore. The Citrus team wants to bring creativity back and design custom websites from the ground up without using templates.

Our Vision

My friends and I started Citrus Web Development to utilize the skills we learned in school to make our ideas come to life. We believe creativity leads to innovation, and we want to leave our marks on the world.

Our Vision

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